New Century Cities in Seoul

14 10 2009


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology working in cooperation with the Urban Land Institute and the Seoul Development Institute, and with the support and sponsorship of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Sung Kyun Kwan University and Seoul Business Agency, present:

“New Century City” Development Conference and Workshop
Seoul, Korea
November 9, 10, 11, 2009

Venue: Seoul Digital Media City

For registration and hotel information contact
There is no fee for conference or workshop attendance.


A new class of large-scale real estate development projects are emerging around the world that seek to achieve multiple public and private outcomes.  MIT has called these projects “New Century City” projects.  These projects require multiple actors from industry, government and institutions to converge their actions in the service of creating a new economic cluster in their host city or region. These projects seek to develop the human and social capital that will make these economic sectors competitive in the globalized economy. These projects use the real estate development process as a mechanism to achieve a broader economic development outcome.

New Century City projects are the test-beds of emerging ideas about city design, urban planning, public-private partnerships and infrastructure delivery.  The projects typically include:

  • Facilities for living and working that anticipate emerging life styles and market preferences;
  • social-capital partnerships with institutions — often with universities — which facilitate business attraction and incubation;
  • digital media and information systems as a mechanism for “community building”;
  • strategies for efficient management of urban services;
  • aggressive environmental sustainability measures.



One response

3 12 2009
bernie devine

My interpretation of one of the popular topics at our discussion was place centric social interaction and the role of social networking tools in urban planning. To put a different twist on this, and it was briefly discussed at the workshop was the expereiments a few companies were doing using social networking type tools in smart buildings.

From an enterprise perspective, social networking technology was originally seen as a major problem, but now some very innovative solutions are being created using social networking type technologies as a core part of the architecture, mainly due to their scalability, dynamic nature and low cost.

A very recent study on some of this has just been brought to my attention. Its a study done by RICS in the UK in conjunction with REMIT Consulting. The relevant blog is and includes a link to REMIT where you can get a copy of the paper. It’s a very interesting take on the situation and shows how a disruptive technology has the potential to disrupt an industry.

I would like to read any thoughts on this topic from each of you.

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